Los Angeles

Recent Acquisitions and Gallery Artists

Edgardo Acosta Gallery

Mr. Acosta has something of a potpourri of artists represented in his Recent Acquisitions and Gallery Artists exhibition. Introducing the show are a handsome Modigliani Portrait d’une Jeune Femme (1917–1918) and a fine Braque Nature Morte of 1943. There are three Dufy paintings: La Baie de Ste. Addresse (oil, 1924) holds the usual charm of rich color and casual calligraphy; Bateaux (watercolor, 1924) has less freedom; Baigneusses (gouache and pastel) is a playful reference to Matisse’s Dance in which Dufy translates the Bacchanalian circle of celebrants into buoyant swimmers. There is an excellent Chagall, a de Chirico and a Severini of 1952. Of the more immediately contemporary painters represented there are only two of really top caliber—the Japanese-Parisian Jun Doboshi, whose non-objective Composition in gouache combines the subtlety of the East with the rationale of French expression, and Antoni Clave, whose popularity has continued on both sides of the Atlantic. His Deux Rois is what we have been seeing for some time but his Warrior with Red Background of 1960 is the most exciting work in the show. In it the image emerges in ambiguous terms from a tapestry ground that has replaced the traditional canvas and on which both paint and collage have been used with exquisite sensitivity. It is a convincing testimony that Clave’s creative energy has not degenerated into dull cliches.

––Constance Perkins