San Francisco

“European Prints”

Eric Locke Gal­lery

This small and choice exhibition shows many artists of the School of Paris, all more or less well-known. A bright, witty and humorous lithograph of Picasso, a small but excellent Arp linocut (have you ever seen a bad Arp?), a first-class Dubuffet lithograph, an impressive Soulages aquatint that has none of the over-refined polished sophistication of his paintings, as well as such household names as Leger, Tamayo, Bissiere, Hayter, Poliakoff, etc. The American equivalents in stature of some of these European artists would be Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Clif­ford Still, David Smith and so on. And the thought strikes me how natural these Europeans look as printmakers and how unnatural the Americans would seem.

John Coplans