San Francisco

Panama Canal Anniversary Exhibition

New Mission Gallery

The open­ing of this noncommercial gallery by three artists, Luis Cervantes, Joe White and Ernie Palormino is an important event in the cultural life of San Fran­cisco. In its first group show by seven­teen artists the works have an avant­-garde quality not normally found elsewhere in private galleries or institutions in the Bay Area. The works displayed also reflect unconcern with traditional ideas of a work of art being a thing to be possessed, categories separating ce­ramics, sculpture, painting or drawing, the idea of culture as information or traditional aesthetics of materials. Seymour Lockes’ sculpture is an example of the latter, ceramics by Cervantes are neither pots nor decorative pot forms, but sculpture, Roy De Forest’s painting has carved and painted figures stuck onto it, a drawing by Howard Foot is given equal importance in wall space to a painting by Joe White. This gallery frees art to be seen, experienced, and valued as art without the hierarchies of commercial promotion or the restricted ideas of culture of museum curators intervening.

John Coplans