Los Angeles

Group Show

Dwan Gallery

Artists such as Albers, Goodnough, Higgins, Yves Klein, Raymond Parker, Rauschenberg, Reinhardt, Rivers, Rothko and Tinguely are included. Of these, I can write enthusiastically of the Rothko, Untitled 1959 which is one of his rare watercolors painted during that year. In it, meaningful scale is sacrificed to color intensity (wide scarlet area, over narrow green-white band, over in-between-width deep yellow; all against a medium yellow ground.) Thus, it is true to the medium and retains a rich glow. The Reinhardt, Untitled 1954–58, is of the deep velvet variety where the cross image is intentionally lost in the void surrounding until it emerges, trembling, and hides once more. Many of the others are good to excellent. 

Henry T. Hopkins