Los Angeles

J. B. Thompson

Hale Gallery

A series of thin, eclectic oils and a series of craftsmanly, eclectic metal constructions sit rather handsomely, proclaiming their diverse parentage. The paintings, with a chalky Rothko glow, have a clean brilliance that, while toothsome, hasn’t much to do with the compositional structure. Of the lot, Mayan Festival seems less a victim of color schemery and more integrated as a painting. The metal sculpture is brass bright and is put together in a Bertoia-cum-Lassaw way. First Dynasty having more mass against which the openwork can function, seems less contrived but not strikingly more inventive. A show such as this is a good example of the new bourgeois art—tasteful, well executed, inoffensive, and an agreeable addition to the home or office.

Doug McClellan