Los Angeles

Josef Albers

Ferus Gallery

This Is a Eulogy. Albers, since the thirties, has used a square format within which he places a series of smaller squares of different hue, superimposed, the smaller over the larger. The result is geometric harmony which is spatially activated by the intellectual-emotional push and pull of selected colors. This Is a Eulogy. Fortunately, familiarity has bred awareness and the objective and subjective blend into a near-intuitive act where the color pours through like a ray, plumbing uncharted spiritual depths; and all is contained in a structure as timeless as the primitive monumentality of the pyramids and ziggurats of the ancients. This Is a Eulogy. Thus, the content is more meaningful for our time than the sectarian shortsightedness of the past, for Albers speaks of morality without moralizing and spirituality without religious support. This Is a Eulogy.

Henry T. Hopkins