San Francisco


M. H. de Young Memorial Museum

Hanna Weynerowski, called Kali, has a large show which idiomatically, reaches far back into history. A one-time realist turned abstractionist, Kali has recently plumbed deep into the past for source material, drawing heavily upon the art-craft of 15th century German and Austrian masters and by extension, the Flemish and Italian Primitives. Scratch Kali and you will find Isenmann and Schongauer. Scrape her calicoed figures and you will disturb Duccio. For she revives the hard-edged decorative pattern, hobnailed gold-leaf backgrounds and diapered spaces, and to them adds beaded faces, corded hair, and quilled decorations in the manner of a medieval artisan. And she has developed an ordered and reflective style growing out of naturalism into supernaturalism that is as excitingly new as it is strangely old.

E. M. Polley