San Francisco

Lundy Siegriest and John Saccaro

Bolles Gallery

In this show, stemming in part from a recent trip to Mexico, Siegriest works with massive primitive shapes, ancient textures and brilliant flashes of color, using mixed media which sometimes incorporates unlikely materials. While he does hold to abstract pattern, Lundy Siegriest is not an academician, thinking only in terms of form without a substance of ideas. Cognizant of, but not dominated by, current idioms and techniques, he chooses carefully from 20th-century linguistics to make his statement about the continuity of images and their associations from ancient to modern times, treating them from a geological as well as a philosophical point of view to give them extended interest. And piquing the critics by causing us to wonder how soon those thick stucco-like slabs of paint will crack off stretched canvas. John Saccaro’s drawings, like his recent paintings, while non-representational in idiom are romantic in content. He some times employs a montage process and small grid imprint to develop special effects, and these, while affording surface variety, unwittingly divert the attention to superficial details.

E. M. Polley