Los Angeles

Otto Nebel

Ernest Raboff Gallery

Los Angeles galleries often perform important services for the art community; this is one of them. Nebel was born in Berlin in 1892 and now lives in Switzerland. He worked with Kandinsky after World War II, was closely associated with Paul Klee and Kurt Schwitters, and was a member of “Der Sturm.” Though he may have been an innovator early in the century, the works shown here (all done after 1940) imply that he is an interesting composite of the three artists mentioned above. The small oils, gouaches, and still smaller collages are similar in style, playing light-hearted, linear shapes against pale grounds. These shapes are brilliantly placed and dance spermatically in space, emitting a glow caused, one assumes, by friction. They are, however, cool hard, calculated statements that are so precise in handling, so right in choice of material that one believes for a moment that too many rights may well make a wrong.

Henry T. Hopkins