Los Angeles

“30 Friends”

Los Angeles Art Associa­tion

The showing is the first of a series of exhibitions of works by friends of the Los Angeles Art Association who have donated to the association’s auctions and thereby helped realize its exhibition program. The roster of artists included is dominated by names of long standing in the area. The result is an exhibition of generally consistently good canvases, each giving that which we have come to expect. Therein lies the limitation of the show for, although we may vehemently denounce the dangers of experimenta­tion and shock for their own sakes, the vitality of any art form is to be found in its ability to draw forth new responses, to evoke new symbols, to involve us with new phenomena of our perceptual worlds. Only when the unexpected oc­curs is genuine excitement generated. Too many of the canvases fail to do just that. On the other hand, there are some precious moments: clean, elusive, simple, and peculiarly provocative is the abstract classicism of Helen Lundberg in Interior–1962; with Phyllis Ridderhof the accented blue figure of Woman unites with the yellow ground of an abstracted landscape to give a unique experience in the new image of mankind with its existential overtones; The Lighthouse by Max Bailey lies between pure abstraction and an objective allusion to nature and allows for some reflective thought; more poetic in its reference to the organic forms of nature is Sueo Serisawa’s New Day. The show does present one of the many possible cross-sections of art expression in this area, capable, mature, and exhibiting an awareness of contemporary trends in the plastic arts.

Constance Perkins