Los Angeles

Adelaide Fogg

Silvan Simone Gallery

The line scrapes, and ink fuzzes into some of the fibers of the paper, like a new blotter. Every almond eye drops anchor as a nose. Every nasal pendulum has a pair of eye-wide lips below. A face-­head is a round pebble except for one protruding left-sided ear. Chubby fingers all of the same length issue from wrist­-less arms like banana mittens. The big faces are the mama faces; the little faces are the baby faces. The big faces hug the little faces and the little faces hug the background. Everywhere it’s so nice and sweet: every purple is near a rose or blue patch, and yellow really helps make the different wedge-shapes seem roundish when you put it close to some of the black lines. Besides, it’s a happy color, like pink, and lavender. How fond Miss Fogg is of children and almond shapes and pretty colors! How she dislikes negative spaces and makes sure to fill any holes with a pair of eyes or a tiny hand; but she’s not mean to the kids like Tchelitchew who covered them with membranes. No, there’s noth­ing sticky about these kids. (Just what is the difference between childlike and puerile?)

Rosalind G. Wholden