San Francisco

Group Exhibit

David Cole Gallery

The high standards which the Cole Gal­lery sets in this exhibition could be emu­lated by other galleries in this area to their great advantage in designing group shows.

Faralla’s sculpture moves forward with the addition of blackened votive candles placed on the horizontal planes of wood. David Simpson’s Night Boun­dary continues the smooth horizontality with controlled stains that have marked his work for the past few years. Nancy Genn is involved with a personal calligraphy which wriggles over the entire surface of her supports. A truly lovely painting entitled, The Blue Leaves by Art Holman throws a trans­lucent purple light out at the spectator. John Baxter’s man-sized sculpture evokes memories of the Stonehenge ruins. Pamela Boden’s sculpture draws in space with varying thick and thin linear elements.

James Monte