Los Angeles

Group Show

Paideia Gallery

Banau­sia prevails in the less-than-professional paintings exhibited by Pat Berger, Nick Brigante, Evelyn Carpenter, Agnes Kel­log, Steven Kissel, Dick Poole, Irma Ro­sien, J. B. Thompson. Obsequiously non­figurative, most of the aspirants welter among abstract clichés from Kissel’s be­labored abstract-impressionism to Bri­gante’s slick ornamental bravado in jag­ging black ink across such bright white paper. Only Dick Poole’s work rises above the hackneyed imagery of the group. His interest in getting at the configura­tion of social contexts has forced him to observe something besides other peo­ple’s paintings. In Banquet, a small gouache, the speaker’s rostrum and meeting-hall-posts are structured into a grid across both outstretched American flag and restless human shapes, creat­ing a homely narrowness of perspective. With humor, Poole astutely hints at the shallowness in public occasions.

Rosalind G. Wholden