Los Angeles

Jacques Fabert

Galerie De Ville

A wily Parisian mannerist with something for everybody (and from several some­bodies), Fabert seems to have forsaken pictorial syntax in order to speak sev­eral languages at once. The result is visual babble. The tower that Jacques builds contains hunks of representation­ally drawn human anatomy and art his­torical debris grouped together by cubis­tic spacial lacing. His glossing drafts­manship is, nevertheless, superior to his color. Having studied with Fernand Léger and Andre Lhote, Fabert seems to have ignored Leger’s legacy of struc­tural clarity and integration. Instead, his paintings, with their moribund pastel colors, monotonous tactility and motley conceptualization, disclose what an aw­fully good student of Lhote’s he is.

Rosalind G. Wholden