Los Angeles

Joan Maffei

Ceeje Gallery

For sheer gusto of vulgarity in color, form and symbol this show deserves three cheers and a box of cigars. It has a Rabelaisian innocence that makes the use of lips, breasts, fecal forms, and the like, with their nagging insistence on modeled volume, become quite extroverted and funny. In many, the color is a wildly chromatic insult to the eye that can best be described as courageous. When this color is applied to the sausagey forms, the results are a visual turkey-shoot.

There are quiet spots amid all the jollity that are rewarding (and welcome). The drawings, Sanci Studies, and the series after Uccello are sensitive and searching. They are not concerned with confronting, as their noisier neighbors are apt to be, but with probing modest things and transforming them.

Douglas McClellan