Los Angeles

John Hultberg

Esther Bear Gallery

John Hultberg is an American painter born in Berkeley in 1922. An ex-Navy man, many of his paintings have marine themes; port-holes opening into the vast space of the uncluttered sea, the world of the ship with its tightly-organized re­strained forms on the edge of space, searchlights probing mysterious plat­forms. “Flotsam,” the fractured debris of a shipwreck, is a good example of the way he tears down his subject matter and reorganizes it with logic and order. Anchored Freighter, reverses his vis­ion and looks from a stark shore across the sea lane to the hulking ship and receding infinity beyond. Powerful and logical, many of his works are lonely and static, unsentimental. His state­ments are dramatic, honest and con­vincing, his color combinations unique, his change in spatial scale abrupt, dras­tic and sometimes jarring.

Har­riette von Breton