Los Angeles

Margaret Ash

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara

Eighteen recent paintings. Within the past year or so the painter has had a number of one man shows in southern California. Her thorough under­standing and command of the craft, al­ways apparent in her work, is at least in part due to the diversity and basic soundness of her background: study with Lebrun, at the University of Califor­nia, Santa Barbara, the Art Students League and the Cooper Union School of Art. On first encounter perhaps the most striking element of her work is her highly personal, constrained style. One senses a determined, firm hand both in her in­triguing mixed technique of collage and paint which she has so skillfully devel­oped and also in the realm of expressive form itself. All of her work conveys a delicate feminine vision reminiscent in certain ways to the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe. Like O’Keefe her work often borders precariously on the decorative, but always there is a firm restraint which always returns the work to the realm of the plastic and the formal.

Several of the paintings represented in the exhibition could well hold their own in any contemporary company. This is especially the case with the solid and forceful Composition #3 (1961), Blue Milan (1961) and some of her most recent works such as Idea (1962).