Los Angeles

Ray Friesz

Ramon Lopez Gallery

Ray Friesz works in a medium (Duco enamel) in which the material itself makes it comparatively easy to cheat, to paint brightly colored, rhythmic, empty things, but he does nothing of the kind. His paintings are filled almost to the explod­ing point with color, but also with sub­tlety and restraint; they are rhythmic, but not meaninglessly so, rather, they each have their own individual graceful­ness, and they are far from empty of validity or of content. Mr. Friesz discovers in each painting, seemingly in the act of painting it, its relevance to nat­ural form, and in each he carries out the landscape implications without disguis­ing the growth from paint to painted vision. He does this with great craft and discipline; his world is truly lovely, and a rare pleasure to travel in.

S. Z. Perkoff