San Francisco

Ruth Armer, James Malott, Law­rence Halprin

Bolles Gallery

Ruth Armer, whose works fill the large gallery, has ventured from nonobjective painting-collage into figurative landscape with only moderate success. A competent painter, long on the California scene, she lacks the deep psychological pene­tration that makes a show or a work discussable. In this exhibition her non­objectives are her best works, especially those of the “400” series. James Ma­lott’s rugged sculptures complement her work while drawing some attention to themselves. Lawrence Halprin, the land­scape architect, shows naturegrams of the Sierra Nevada region in the Petite Gallery. Using ink and watercolor wash, he analyzes a lichen pattern, the cracks in a rock, or even a devastated area––be it a square inch or a square mile.

E. M. Polley