Los Angeles

Schyler Standish

The Ernest Raboff Gallery

The oil paintings by Schyler Standish are too small to be evaluated in terms other than as sketches, but within such a frame of reference, there is a wide spread of experience represented. Many of the figure pieces employ a rather dry technique, with care­fully modeled form and an inclination toward academic painting yet with a po­tential––if a sizeable studio piece were attempted––beyond that which is gen­erally seen today. More exciting are a number of landscapes done in heavy im­pasto that suggest a simplification of nature in relatively abstract-expression­ist terms. B_aldwin Hills_ utilizes a fine economy of means, sensitively felt, but again only suggestive of the quality possible to attain if the same keen vision were to be maintained at a larger scale. Again, the heavy impasto and quick brushing of Adam and Eve is a tan­talizing sketch. Schyler Standish, basi­cally self-taught, was seen in 1954 when his landscapes (larger at that time) were tighter and contained a primitive folk element. Since then he has become much more sophisticated and poten­tially an interesting painter if he can develop that which is promising in its present embryonic form.

Constance Perkins