San Francisco

Group Print Exhibit

Eric Locke Gallery

This, the latest of Locke’s group exhibitions of prints, serves up some well-known names and a few that are unfamiliar to Bay Area gallery watchers. Karel Appel is represented by a multicolored lithograph completed in one of Paris’ better known print ateliers. Appel’s familiar frenzy in dealing with the human visage is evident in this print. Gustave Singier, John Freidlander and Brigette Coudrain involve themselves in territory that Paul Klee mined very deeply. Jean Arp and Kumi Sugai are represented by familiar images. Paul Winderlich is the outstanding newcomer in the exhibit. His lithos have great technical virtuosity combined with a creativity rarely seen in most European printmakers. His images of human beings are Kafkaesque in the extreme.

James Monte