Los Angeles

James Hueter

Heritage Gallery

The drawings and bronze and clay sculpture of this sensitive artist are concerned with the elusive aspects of figure imagery, such as the drama inherent in the subtle turn of a torso, a poignant gesture, and the elemental movements of limbs rising or tilting. There is an electrical sensuousness in the surface textures of his figures which displays a tremendous formal discipline. Hueter’s attitude is, in turn, classical and romantic. Without being eclectic, his sculpture strangely combines the grace of, say, Nadelman, with that of Giacometti, producing evocative and mystical images of serenity and poetic simplicity. His large pencil drawings of decompartmentalized heads peering through fragmented, walled crevices are interesting as a complement to the three-dimensional works. However, his series of sepia genre scenes are prosaic after the impact of his sculpture.

Arthur Secunda