San Francisco

Louis Siegriest

Hobbs’ Gallery

Siegriest has assembled an extraordinarily beautiful body of work for this exhibit. It surpasses in its range and scope of ambition all the other shows he has had.

Some of the works in the show are marked by a re-emergence of strong local color, not used as tone but as a definite space-making device, set up within what seems to be a particular landscape area. This is a definite shift of emphasis from Siegriest’s work of the past few years. Until recently he had composed “abstract” paintings that, when completed, alluded to barren landscape areas. In the present exhibit the recent paintings seem to have grown out of a desire to depict a very special, particular landscape area. Superficially, the finished products of both these approaches resemble each other. The resemblance ends on the surface. The works that have strong color and space tension have the power and beauty of emotionally moving events.

James Monte