Los Angeles

Olga Higgins and Alex Gonzales

Gallery De Silva

Miss Higgins show is comprised of drawings, collages and oils. Collages dominate, many of them of children. She is an ingenious ingratiating artist who has a sure eye and a deft hand, however some of them seem almost too facile and slick. She is clever about the use of paper to build the effect of paint and many of them achieve rich surfaces and brilliant color. She is a good draftsman and her drawings are clear and sure. “Children In the Rain” is a lyrical mono-type, a new medium in which she is now experimenting using tea-bag paper.

Alex Gonzales teaches and works in Monterey, California. It is said that Mark Tobey has selected Gonzales as one of the most creative artists of the Monterey Peninsula. His canvases are large and impressionistic, many of them figurative and done in heavy oil overlays. In “Grass,” he uses a heavy monochromatic surface and then incises through the white paint to sculpt the grass forms with great simplicity. In “Woman Waiting,” he uses a different technique of strong primary colors to create a forceful composition of vigorous line and vibrant color planes. He also shows several beautiful collages which are imaginative and sensitive and use the collage medium unburdened with technique.

Harriette Von Breton