Los Angeles

Group Show

Sabersky Gallery

This is a non-scheduled exhibition which puts on display many of the fine prints held by this gallery. In addition to the prints, however, there are two objects which make a visit here worth while. One is an untitled brush drawing by Philip van Aver who trained at Pomona and is now working in San Francisco. It is a six inch Tondo reminiscent of a microscopic projection which weaves a web of wonder through thousands of tiny abstract symbols compacted tightly together. It exposes the kind of skill necessary to inscribe the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin. The other object is by the Swiss-born artist Paul Talman who practices a brand of kinetic purism. Blue and yellow wooden balls are mounted in plastic of similar hue in such a way that they can be easily rotated to set up new patterns, new relationships. Both works offer pleasing intellectual experiences.

Henry T. Hopkins