Los Angeles

“Director’s Choice”

Pasadena Art Museum

By presenting a sizable collection of works of art available in Los Angeles galleries, the exhibition is designed to assist new collectors in their initial purchases. As works are sold they are replaced by similar quality pieces; thus the show is, in part, constantly changing. To further assist potential buyers, the exhibition is organized as a sequence of displays: Early American Painting, Primitive Art, Old Master Drawings and Prints, Modern Masters, Contemporary Art and Masterworks. Except for the last category, all exhibition pieces have been kept under a $1,000.00 value limit. Therefore the best over-all offerings are in the print sections where one may select from such masters as Rembrandt, Goya, Chagall, Nolde, Hartung and many others. Least impressive (obviously restricted by the price limitation) is the showing of contemporary painting, although some gems available include a fine watercolor by Robert Hansen, Mirror #3, and a gouache by Paul Wonner, Man in an Orchard. The Masterworks room offers a range of interest: a Tanguy oil and a Feininger watercolor, both dated 1943, a recent de Kooning ink drawing, and a handsome Mask-Shield from the Sepik River area of New Guinea. Unique in its scope, much of the success of the project is due to the cooperation of a number of the well-known dealers of the area who have offered works from their galleries, listed at regular market prices.

Constance Perkins