Los Angeles

“Gallery Artists”

Hale Gallery

Derivative and mediocre work primarily concerned with eye-catching textural effects brings the objects in this exhibition close to the level of interior decorator’s accessories. The exhibitors do not risk enough of themselves in their work, making conspicuous the absence of that underlying seriousness which distinguishes paintings from ornamentation. Thompson makes bad sculpture out of portions of other men’s ideas. Simms creates what might properly be called a rectangular “smush” by adding sand to Easter-egg colored pigment and then applying it like icing to the canvas. Geoffrey masks the inconsequence of his vision with awesome titles like Eleventh Commandment Callahan spills his tempera into quasi-figurative dribbles that would be more apt as slices of marble-cake. The greatest skill in the group is demonstrated by Viacrucis who is extremely tasteful in his arrangements of experimental textures, but the delights in his work are more akin to those of the rock collector, since the pleasure is more in the finding than in the form as a whole.

R. G. Wholden