Los Angeles

“Gallery Group”

Ernest Raboff Gallery

Joachim Probst stands out amidst a large group of works. His Bull Christ, a risen and powerful image, is balanced by the overt mystical fragrance of Vermont Madonna. Probst has a kind of tender, Roualt-Rembrantian configuration, monumental forms encased in frames searching for heavenly walls and meanings. A fine line drawing, Deposition is made of loose groups of figures banded by parallelograms of conscious linear planes. Will Foster’s entries are competent underpainted canvases of female heads and nudes yellowed by heavy varnish rather than intent, kin to pretty English portraiture. Swiss Serge Diakonoff presents a few fine non-objective oils on panel—ordered abstractions scumbled over clearly-defined area forms, textured slightly, balanced by tasteful and sensitive linear patterns and color relationships. Other works include a fine small Klee-ish gouache and ink painting by Hans Reichel, a few Burlink canvases of diverse periods, and a Mane Katz cast head, a male face emerging as from a bronze mask slightly anguished by some unknown composition of his own making.

S. C. Schoneberg