Los Angeles


Frank Perls Gallery

A handsome show of the graphic works of some modern masters, Picasso, Dubuffet, Miró, Chagall, Giacometti, and some local artists, Brice, Strombotne, McGarrell. There are some early Picasso etchings, including La Soupe and some of his recent, brilliant linoleum cuts. There are some good Chagall samplings.

James Strombotne’s suite of ten lithographs of “Women” is in the realm of cartooning, with humor in about the same vein as Abner Dean; the work is messy. James McGarrell’s work seems pretentious; perhaps self-conscious is better. His work is unclear, as though he were preoccupied with the “effect” the print will make rather than with the problem at hand. A successful print must be more than the reproduction of a drawing, it must exploit some part of the enormous graphic potential. This the work of William Brice accomplishes in much greater measure; his lithographs use the female figure as a design element, like Matisse, organized with balanced masses of black and a nervous, vigorous line. The foreshortened pose allows him to juggle with shapes while remaining faithful to the image.

Joan Hugo