Los Angeles

Group Show

Toporow Gallery

Though this mixed-media group exhibition of Polish and Russian works ranging from the late 19th century through contemporary times is of uneven quality, several examples stand out notably. Among them are genre paintings from the School of Repin and by N. Grandkowski executed around the turn of the century, the cubist and impressionist paintings of E. Reinhold and J. Eckert, and the loose watercolors of W. Zych and F. Polec. By far the most interesting to the contemporary eye is the “art brut” nonfigurative work of Wanda Paklikowska-Winnicka. Painted in rich impasto relief, Miss P-Winnicka’s sodden browns and crusty umbers describe brooding monolithic trees and other organic forms with deep conviction and wistful evocativeness.

Arthur Secunda