Los Angeles

Holiday Show

Esther Robles

Sixty-three small-scale gems are aired and contain some very good finds. Outside of the gallery group are such things as several trenchant Grosz drawings, a nifty Stuart Davis lithograph, a smattering of Matta drawings that pop all over the place, a brooding Tapies lithograph, an unusually pattern-oriented Max Ernst print, and many others. One particular delight was a collage, Untitled #17, by the Brazilian (now in Paris) Arthur Luis Piza. It consists of subtle cut squares in subtle colors and is roughly reminiscent of Klee’s “constructed” watercolors but has an authority of control that is the artist’s own. Of the gallery regulars, small bronzes by Robert Thomas (Bronze Frog and Falling Figure II) and a bronze relief by Robert Cremean have a nice way about them. Lucille Brokaw is represented by some needlework which proves the tired point that not all things done by artists are art.

Douglas McClellan