Los Angeles

Jack Zajac

Landau Gallery

Recognizing the link between the sacrificial animal and the sacrificial human, Zajac is inspired by this sacred bond of indemnification and draws his subject matter from three kinds of offerings: the bound goat, the ram, and the deposition. He has varying success with each theme. The ram’s head is often treated too literally or ornamentally. But his preoccupation with the shapes of the ram’s horns may lead Zajac into enclosing space within his sculptures by an exploration of the possibilities of opening-out the form. The sculptor has discovered a fertile challenge to his achievements in the deposition, where men are weltered into a single form by their reciprocal burden of descent and support. He has been forced by an inner urgency to go beyond the theme in order to achieve, with impact, the meaning behind this reciprocity. These images are at a very different level from the pity-inspiring contortions which have satisfied him in the theme of the bound goat. The depositions show the sculptor moving away from literalness and surface emotion towards the monumental detachment which marks genuinely profound human experience.

R. G. Wholden