San Francisco

Joy Long, R. P. Jenkins

Lucien Labaudt Gallery

Mrs. Long is a self-taught painter who resides in Vancouver, B. C. There is a curious dualism of approach in her present first exhibit in San Francisco. Half of the paintings are devoted to the depiction of children at play; here she employs traditional oil painting techniques. The other works are somber low-keyed landscapes with nails, spikes and various other non-art materials glued to the surfaces of the pictures. Mrs. Long’s greatest asset is the charm evidenced in the series of pictures about children. Her will to grow as an artist seems to have outstripped her plastic ideas in the landscape series.

If one were to imagine the hybridization of two such diverse artistic personalities as Edward Hopper and Pierre Bonnard, a visual impression of what Jenkins is up to could be gained. What makes the work even more difficult to assess is that Jenkins paints much better than average in either style—with a slight edge given to the Hopperish mode!

James Monte