Los Angeles

Marion Aldrich

Rex Evans Gallery

Shown for the first time at the Rex Evans Gallery, Marion Aldrich was recently “discovered” by Vincent Price. Her small and quite simple watercolors have met with immediate popular approval. At a larger scale and in a more permanent medium, they might fit with the new figurative paintings. That is to say, they combine something of the abstract and the descriptive in totally compatible terms. Diminutive as they are, they lack the inventive force of a John Marin sketch, yet are of the same ken. The artistic means employed are direct and fresh. Free, wet washes describe sky, hill, water or field. Occasional opaque areas mix with the transparent brush stroke; occasional accents of dense color occur. Consistently a pencil line, sparingly and effectively used, describes details. Sometimes the reserve with which Marion Aldrich works carries an oriental quality of sensitivity: Winter, Michigan Country, Outer Banks #1. They are successful as poetic couplets, prelude to an ode to nature.