Los Angeles

Matsumi Kanemitsu

Dwan Gallery

These are large, loose non-objective oils and they are some of the handsomest of their kind. The dominant configuration is a centrally placed shape that floats in the spacious ambience of matte color. For the most part the shapes are geometric but Kanemitsu is a sly geometer and skews or nibbles them to keep the image in constant action, alternately dissolving and coalescing. One, of an irregular red block on a brighter red surface, presses the black underpainting of the block into the bright red field as if to digest it. Several are looser in pattern, the shapes being amorphous and less predictable. Notable of these was a painting dominated by a horizontal blue stroke that moved quietly above a loose rust-colored patch punctuated by a well-nigh perfect yellow accent, all on a dense green field that pressed them neatly against the picture surface—an impeccable balancing act.

Doug McClellan