Los Angeles

“The Leonard Cutrow Triptych”

The First Unitarian Church Of Los Angeles

On 3 panels approximately 24'' x 40'' Leonard Cutrow offers works from the source springs of Taoism, Indian Philosophy and humanities, and Judeo-Christianity. “The total consciousness of being encompasses man’s relationship to nature and the universe, man’s relationship to himself, and man’s relationship to his fellow men.” Mr. Cutrow’s literature is sublime, but the meager focus of such evocative morality could be the ultimate works of art rather than what seem to be three preliminary exercises. The first is washed, spotted and limed, oriental in motif and feeling; the second is a kind of heavy Lazarus still embedded in wash white linen pebbled as matboard; the third panel is a mother and child multiplied in incised facial expressions forming a post and lintel crucifix.

S. C. Schoneberg