Los Angeles

“101 Objects of Wood”

UCLA Art Galleries

This exhibition brings together an assortment of oddments from hay forks to belaying pins, past and present, that have been crafted in wood and that can be manipulated. Objects that function at a spiritual level, such as African carving, have been intentionally ignored since the exhibition is geared to design, and an exploration of the possibilities and limitations of a specific medium. In this, it is the first of a series of planned educational exhibitions which will examine other materials: paper, clay, etc. It is an excellent exercise and one hopes that aspiring designers as well as the lay public will benefit from a greater understanding of what wood should and should not be made to do. Jack Carter, Assistant Professor of Design, selected and installed the show, and while one might question the choice of a wooden nickel to serve as navel for a life size, 17th century sculptor’s mannequin, he cannot question the crisp choice of round and rectangular backdrops which emphasize the organic nature of the objects, or the choice of yellow color which allows the warmth of the wood to do its work. Perhaps it is the nutty device of the wooden nickel that keeps this fine project from being too much an essay in taste.

Henry T. Hopkins