San Francisco

Alexander Nepote, Ken Morrow and Tio Giambruni

Barrios Gallery, Sacramento

Oils, watercolors, collages, cast bronzes and one tentacled magna-site creation by three well-established Bay Area artists.

Nepote has developed the infinite patterns of bare rocks, tumbling waters and snowdrifts of the High Sierras into an individual statement about variables and constants and primordial beginnings—the causa causans of the fields and rivers in the rich valley below. He is not obvious or sentimental about this, his work at first impresses solely by its powerful abstract design, as exciting to the artist as to the geologist or philosopher.

Where Nepote raids geology for inspiration, Giambruni raids marine biology. His small sculptures, tentacled, compartmented, spiraled or podocephalous, all seem to have been suggested by sea harvest. One of California’s leading sculptors, he brings tremendous vitality and thorough craftsmanship to his work.

Ken Morrow is still debating direction, and at this writing representationalism seems indicated. There is no stigma on that, especially when he handles it with the imagination and rhythm shown in “Gulls and Driftwood.”

Elizabeth M. Polley