San Francisco

Charles Plymell and Jose Cross

Batman Gallery

The collage medium has been entreated to perform almost every visual task from the delineation of real objects with the very object being depicted, to the plastic function of operating almost inertly on the surface of a painting to add optic interest to the painting. Plymell’s collages ply somewhere between these two areas. The plastic quality of most of his work is totally overwhelmed by the overriding erotic content of the material employed in the construction of the collages. Where Salvador Dalí duplicated his own and probably other people’s dream images to create his surrealist paintings, Plymell seems to dwell exclusively with his own drug-induced phantasmagoria.

Jose Cross’s three dimensional constructions are engaging fusions of extremely diverse elements (diverse even within the context of the construction-cum-sculpture medium), in that the various components utilized rarely assert themselves individually. Rather, they function in the overall context of the object.

James Monte