Los Angeles

Frank Sardisco

Pasadena Art Museum

Recent paintings by Frank Sardisco show that this young artist has matured rapidly over the last two and a half years. His search for a personal symbol, initially organic in form, is resolved but by no means exhausted. At the present his image usually involves a strong horizontal movement off of which ovoid or semi-rectangular forms work in tension. Often the order is a familiar one based on suprematist principles but the variations are subtle and fine. Occasionally traditional orders are broken. “The Tempest” is such a piece in which a kind of awkwardness of composition effectively implies violence. Most expressive are Sardisco’s rich deep colors which he enhances by heavy glazes and contrasting thick and thin impasto. One is made aware of the conscious building up of almost three-dimensional surfaces of real vitality, granted they seem arbitrary in one or two instances. “Landscape with Orange Shape” is particularly sensitively handled; “Coming of Autumn,” “Harvest” and “Red Violet Eclipse” are almost elegant; “Birth of a Sun,” “Staff of Life” and “Legend of the Ancients” possess strong communicative elements.

Constance Perkins