Los Angeles

Frederick Hammersley

Heritage Gallery

A handsomely arranged aggregate of Hammersley’s geometric abstractions greets the visitor with a calm welcome to a broad, flat, colorful world, comfortable, plain, quiet, ordered, mechanical, and dull. Dull in the sense of repetitious epigrams, phraseology that mechanically executes a circle or square in an undisclosed number of ways and means, balanced, poised, confident surface structures that ape the module of conformity by conscious arrangement and rearrangement of the same theme. “Even” gives a large yellow oval on a blue vertical panel, and a second panel to the right is divided into black at top and white at bottom. “From” prefers a halved square of vertical rectangles dotted centrally by perfect round spheres, to the left purple on a vibratory crimson, and a Greek sky blue on a white ground to the right. It is as if with the Eureka! discovery of a single element, the moving spheres became silent, and infinity evermore repeated its first and only formula without dimension, form, or life.

S. C. Schoneberg