Los Angeles

Group Show

Edgardo Acosta Gallery

Antoni Clave stands out amidst a group show of European contemporaries. Raoul Dufy’s “Devant La Plage a Deauville” adds a rich ultramarine backdrop note amid an unusually free grouping of figures and beach homes. A landscape of Paul Rebeyrolle tongues loads of flat oil bumps over and over a blurred outline of tree and dale, and flat groups of striped currents help flatten the pigment terrain. More sensitive than others of the group is Armand Guillaumin’s pastel “Paysage de la Cureze,” where a fauve adaptation of shadowy form conjunctions portray clearly recognizable entry into deep luxuriant space, a love of simplicity, and a sensitivity not lent to fat finishes and slick loaded grounds.

S. C. Schoneberg