Los Angeles

Harrison McIntosh

The refinement and serenity of the simple forms that have been produced by this southern California ceramist echo the long tradition of the art of the potter. The dull glazes of subtle olive to brown, grey flecked with brown, dark blue, the only slight variations of simple decorative motifs and the recapitulations of the vase, bottle and compote forms mark Harrison McIntosh as a genuine craftsman concerned with the essence of beauty that can be expressed only by restraint and understatement. Even in the rare instances when McIntosh employs a freely brushed decorative motif that reflects the New York School of Motherwell and Gottlieb, it is done without flourish, remaining essential to the form of the bowl or compote, its integrity maintained. Here a pot is a pot, large or small, nothing more, nothing less—but very beautiful.

Constance Perkins