Los Angeles

Hitchcock Collection

Thorne Hall, Occidental College

The collection of Ruth and Elwood Hitchcock presents a range of small works by moderns. Some of those present are in the “master” category: Picasso with “Head of a Young Man” (etching, 1905), some Chagall, some Klee, two Rouault wood-blocks, a Lautrec poster. Of pioneer Americans there are several Marin watercolors, a Dove and a very convincing drypoint “Head” by Walt Kuhn. All these are of top quality and seem to be the result of sensitive choice. Of the more recent works the quality is not as even but still the batting average is good considering the risks of “fresh art” Lebrun is represented by five works and comes through well except for an errant “Study for Veronese”; an Appel color lithograph “Femme” has vigor galore but is not enmeshed in the false plasticity the paintings often have; one of the few oils on display, a smallish “Hudson River” by James Jarvaise, gives a breadth of scale to the exhibition beyond the physical size of the painting. These, among others, reveal a collection that is not dominated by a single point of view and the openness of choice makes it excellent material for a college gallery.

Douglas McClellan