San Francisco

Mary Meinke and Michael Fong

Hollis Galleries

Miss Meinke approaches her canvases with great vigor. And the force of her attack plummets her through numerous painterly passages. Had she been a mite less resolute, miserable failures would have resulted. Unfortunately for her, athletic application of paint does not make up for a lack of ideas concerning what to do with a particular painting. Miss Meinke, a young artist, would do well to examine and concern herself with what she desires to paint rather than relying on her working materials to reveal a subject during the act of painting.

Michael Fong, also a young Bay Area artist, presents work which confronts one with straight doses of undigested Diebenkorn. One of the few differences between the two is scale. Fong’s show miniaturizes the pictorial concepts used by Richard Diebenkorn.

James Monte