Los Angeles

Paul Darrow

Laguna Beach Art Association Gallery

In his recent work, which represents about one-third of the current exhibition, Darrow has become more directly and sensitively involved with nature, especially the sea. Direct in that the works are no longer involved with a style or organization, and sensitive in that this unstructured nature of the work provides the freedom to move in the ways of nature. In a loose sense they have a Turneresque sweep which is unconcerned with specifics. “Night Sea,” with its warm greens and elusive points of focus, speaks of the phenomena of changing light and atmosphere without freezing them in a pictorial bear-trap, and yet they are not surrendered to the mere picturesque. The strong sense of horizon in “Moment I” conveys the near infinite scale of the sea within the small confines of a drawing. The new paintings seem fresh and personal, compared with earlier works also on exhibit. They are also more moving.

Douglas McClellan