San Francisco

Sidney Gordin

Dilexi Gallery

Presented in depth at the De Young Museum last year and also included in the “Arts of the Bay Area” at the San Francisco Museum during the summer, Gordin’s current exhibition reveals no basic shift or development in his sculpture. But the exhibition includes a number of very beautiful strongly contrasting black and white drawings which provide an excellent insight into Gordin’s vision. Totally eschewing that common cliche of many sculptors, the drawing “after” the sculpture or the drawing as a “plan” for a sculpture he investigates with eloquence and imagination the process underlying his art. With loose, freely brushed forms he insinuates an optical flux between the black brushmarks. and white paper. A clear and lucid investigation in drawing of the parallel process he employs to control the edges and voids in his hammered brass, flat sheet metal cut out sculptures. Notwithstanding the fact that these drawings have been constructed deliberately to produce a certain effect and to repeatedly test certain assumptions, they are highly lyrical.

John Coplans