San Francisco

“Student Sculpture from the University of California”

Key Equipment Company

An Oakland welding supplies firm, the Key Equipment Company, has offered a permanent display room for exhibitions of welded sculpture by students at the University of California. This second show seems to be made up primarily from the work of less advanced students; at any rate it is not representative of the best work turned out at the University. Nearly all the student sculptors seen here stick to well-established modes. Many of them, as might be expected, have been strongly influenced by the work of their instructors, particularly Gordin and Zogbaum.

In the best work, however, such as that by Judy Roberson or a student identified only as Kaloway, there is a sense of individual identity even when the sculpture itself is not fully realized. Kaloway’s aggregation of crushed, globular forms is perhaps the most individual piece in the show, if not the most successfully worked out. Karen Beggin’s small sculpture has a strength that promises future work of considerable emotive power by this artist. A more ambitious piece by Tom Connelly strikes out in all directions, bravely enough, only to turn back on itself and come to a quiet end.

The show is badly set up, overcrowded and totally devoid of labels. Future exhibitions should include some kind of posted statement so that visitors know what sort of exhibition they are seeing. Because this is student work, labels should indicate the student’s level of the training and if the sculpture was done in class or under supervision the instructor’s name should be given as a matter both of information and of courtesy.

Helen Giambruni