Los Angeles

Vernon Fimple

Gallerie de Ville

Two varieties of works are shown here, surrealist and then a kind of advanced dramatic pictorialization of an idealized microcosm. The world of Mr. Fimple borrows from the fantasy that Bosch plundered, Ernst enraptured, and Dalí exploded. The perfect forms of his demonic wonderland are at once provoking and fascinating. His mute darkened colors are as yet somberly evocative of the half-conscious, fully-realized projections of anthropomorphic play. His visions of malice and multiplication, destruction and fecundity find an answering note in a personal symbolism as yet unripened. “Masquerade” presents rampant animism, plants growing hoofs or other personal forms, people in nude display with pieces or clusters of anatomy removed or replaced by birds or other heads, marvelously bacchanal and yet, a masquerade?

Light touch of the exhibit are the silver-point drawings, unique and perfect in form and content such as “Icarus Will Not Fly”—a wrapped Icarus with long bird bill rests within leafy wings on a light sky blue ground. Perhaps this gifted artist might find in his palette a vision more filled with light, where his energetic perfection might match the brilliance of fecund and colorful worlds as yet undiscovered.

S. C. Schoneberg