Los Angeles

“Contemporary Tapestries”

Dalzellhatfield Galleries

These tapestries are taken from cartoons by artists Jean Goodwin Ames, Reynold Arnould, Mary Bowling, Russell Cowles, Edgar Ewing, Michael Frary, Richard Haines, Jean Lurcat, Dan Lutz and Buckley MacGurrin. (All Americans except for Lurcat and Arnould.) Having toured the U.S. for two years, they are part of an exhibition put together by Otis Art Institute in collaboration with the Dalzell-Hatfield Gallery. Made in France on the famous looms of Aubusson, they are strikingly decorative and colorful. Mr. Hatfield should be commended for getting American artists dyed in the wool preparatory to hanging; however, there are limitations inherent in this medium which lead in two directions—boldness and decorative patterning. Hopefully, this first courageous experiment will sometime be followed by others where more emphasis is placed on boldness. Tapestry seems a natural medium for most contemporary ideas and techniques.

J. L. Hansen